2018 Reporting Resources

Stewards registered with Recycle BC, MMSW, MMSM and Stewardship Ontario are required to submit reports on the WeRecycle Portal by May 31 for the packaging and printed paper (PPP) supplied in each province. A range of resources are available below to assist and guide stewards in collecting and accurately reporting their PPP data.

National Steward Services is ready to help with any questions: stewards@cssalliance.ca or 1-888-980-9549.

Reporting Overview Tutorial

This online learning tool summarizes the key elements of stewardship reporting in less than 20 minutes. A great place to start for new stewards and a useful review for more experienced reporters.

2018 Guidebook for Stewards

The Guidebook is a definitive source for steward information. The new version includes updated details about being a steward, preparing reports and national material lists.

What's new this year

  • 2018 Outline of Revisions to the Guidebook for Stewards
  • 2018 Membership Agreements, Rules and Policies – Summary and final documents along with information (presentations, Q&As) from webinars and steward consultations.
  • Obligation Questions – Recycle BC, MMSW, MMSM and Stewardship Ontario have updated their packaging and printed paper (PPP) obligation questions that help stewards determine their obligations before filing their report(s). Review this document for guidance on answering your obligation questions for 2018 reporting.
  • Deduction Declaration Form – Stewards preparing reports that will include deductions are reminded that additional information about deductions is being collected this year. The above links to the Excel declaration form that has been added to the WeRecycle Portal.

Ready to Report Webinars and Checklist

  • Webinar Registration – A webinar for new stewards and individuals new to the reporting role took place Wednesday, February 28. A similar event for more experienced stewards was held on Thursday, March 1. Below are the materials from each:
  • R2R Checklist – Eight items that all stewards should consider before they begin entering reporting data in the WeRecycle Portal.

Using the WeRecycle Portal

  • WeRecycle Portal – CSSA operates the Portal to provide stewards a single online registration and reporting destination for PPP programs in BC, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.
  • Portal User Guide – From configuring your browser to printing completed reports, the Guide provides detailed, step-by-step information for Portal users.
  • Primary Contact Authorization Forms – All Portal registrations must identify a Primary Contact, who is the only person who can submit final reports. Primary Contacts for new accounts must be appointed by a senior officer within each steward’s organization and changes to Primary Contacts must be authorized by a senior officer using one of the Primary Contact Authorization Forms.

Steward Lists

Lists make it easier for retailers and other first importers to identify which suppliers’ PPP to include or exclude from their reports.

Material Guidance

When considering which material subcategory that specific printed paper or packaging should be reported under, stewards should refer to the definitions, examples and tips in the Material List. Note that examples are provided for illustrative purposes only and should not be considered exhaustive for each category.