Registered Steward Lists

A list of voluntary and resident stewards for each program will be posted on CSSA’s and all programs’ websites – making it easier for retailers and other first importers to understand which suppliers’ products to include or exclude from their reports. Below you will find links to five lists; one for each of the provincial programs, and a national list that includes residency status on all stewards across all programs.

We’ve also included a change log so you can easily identify any changes to last year’s list and reason for the change.  We know you may have revised your own lists throughout the year.  In this case you can compare your own list to the steward lists to identify the changes most relevant to you.

Please note, the information contained in the steward lists is based on data provided to CSSA by stewards. CSSA relies on stewards communicating any changes to us that affect their account.

April 6, 2016
Sector-Specific Reporting Tips

Sector-specific reporting tips are new this year to help stewards identify the proper material reporting categories for the common packaging and printed paper materials used by businesses in specific sectors. They have been tailored to address the most common questions received by the Steward Services team and the most common reporting errors in each industry sector.

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March 7, 2016
Adjustment Policy

Policies and procedures are developed to promote fairness for all stewards and to enable the stewardship programs to operate in a cost effective manner. The adjustment policy is not new but it is now captured in a policy document, below. Highlights of the policy are: Stewards can request adjustments to reports going back a maximum of two years from the report submission due date; and adjustments made as a result of a methodology change are not accepted.

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January 29, 2014
CSSA Submits Feedback on Canada-wide Action Plan for Extended Producer Responsibility
CSSA was asked in November 2013, to share experiences and insights to feed into the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment (CCME) progress review on the Canada-wide Action Plan for Extended Producer Responsibility (CAP-EPR). 

As an organization that predominantly focuses on managing packaging and printed paper programs, we put together some thoughts on behalf of our stewards, and with board-level input, and submitted these to CCME. The main topics we provided feedback on included:

  • Challenges encountered in implementing or participating in EPR programs
  • What aspects of CAP-EPR have been successful or problematic in providing the impetus for a harmonized approach to the implementation of EPR programs in Canada
  • How CCME and industry can better collaborate to further a harmonized approach to implementing EPR in Canada
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November 20, 2013
National Material List

New National Reporting List Available for 2014

The journey towards administrative harmonization continues with the creation of a national list of materials that will be available on the WeRecycle Portal for 2014 steward reports.  Developed in consultation with members of CSSA’s Customer User Group (our test-group of steward companies), the national list is the first step in harmonizing reporting for packaging and printed paper stewards in BC, MB, and ON. Where feasible, EEQ’s reporting categories were also considered.  It will be available to any steward that wishes to prepare their 2014 reports using a single national list of materials.

Please note that stewards will be able to choose to report using either the new national list or each individual list for MMBC, MMSM and SO as appropriate.

Click here to view the national materials list (November 2013).

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