Our Vision and Aims

Our vision at CSSA is to transform Canadian businesses into world leaders in responsible product stewardship, by delivering sustainable and cost-efficient stewardship programs on a national scale.

We will achieve this by offering a B2B solution to organizations that must recycle, and by providing comprehensive recycling options to residents at their curbside or in their community.

Our mission is to make stewards’ brands sustainable by efficiently and effectively recovering valuable post-consumer resources at the end of their useful life and keeping the molecules in play to create new products with zero waste.

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Our Direction

As a Canadian stewardship organization, we will present a national face for waste diversion and recycling in our country, dedicated to diverting as much waste as possible from landfills to be recycled into new commodities – reducing the use of virgin materials.

We want to make recycling second nature to all Canadians, and we can only do this by making it simple, easy and convenient. With the backing and support of stewards, we will seek new ways to bring recycling closer to consumers and make it a natural part of their everyday lives. Through partnerships between business, consumers, local governments and the waste management sector, we can reduce waste, spare resources and help preserve the environment.

Our Principles

  • We will operate in a principled, disciplined, organized and creative way in the running of our stewardship programs across Canada, and we will make it our business to build on success
  • We strive to work in step with all our stakeholders to build partnerships and model best practices
  • We intend to be the best organization of our kind by continuously questioning, exploring and asking ‘what if?’
  • We make it a priority to support innovation by collaborating with stakeholders and supporting market development for post-consumer recycled materials

The Value We Bring

We are determined to deliver outstanding recycling programs to consumers, while providing the best service we can to our stewards to support their commitment to EPR and sustainability. We are constantly thinking ahead, creating, developing, and implementing new approaches to increase the success of recycling and waste diversion for Canadians and the businesses that make these programs possible.