We are a national, not-for-profit organization that provides efficient management and administrative services and solutions to businesses, and producer responsibility organizations, to meet their recycling obligations.

We help create convenient, clever, environmentally sustainable ways for consumers to dispose of the paper, packaging and products these businesses create—from newspapers to glass, metals to plastics.

Our Principles

  • We operate in a principled, disciplined, organized and creative way to support stewardship programs across Canada, and build on success
  • We strive to work in step with all our stakeholders to build partnerships and model best practices
  • We intend to be the best organization of our kind by continuously questioning, exploring and asking ‘what if?’
  • We make it a priority to support innovation by collaborating with stakeholders and supporting market development for post-consumer recycled materials

The Value We Bring

We support the delivery of outstanding recycling programs, while providing excellent service to producers to support their commitment to producer responsibility and sustainability. We offer an integrated service model and are constantly thinking ahead, creating, developing, and implementing new approaches to increase the success of recycling and waste diversion for residents and the businesses that make these programs possible.