Our team is made up of skilled leaders from across the country, with diverse backgrounds and expertise. Led by David Pearce, Managing Director, we provide professional services and innovative solutions to help businesses achieve their sustainability goals and obligations through producer responsibility programs.

David Pearce Managing Director CSSA


David Pearce,
Managing Director

David Pearce joined Canadian Stewardship Services Alliance Inc. in 2015. David’s focus is to deliver a common suite of harmonized management and administrative services for EPR programs.

A key interest for David is exploring the intersection between public policy and operations to further circular economy outcomes. A firm believer that EPR is an important lever to increase and improve the quality of post-consumer inputs to the manufacturing sector, David has played leadership roles in the development and operations of many producer responsibility programs in Canada.

David is a graduate from the School of Business at Queen’s University.

Leadership Team Members
Catherine Abel, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives & Policy

Calla Farn, Vice President, Corporate Affairs

Laurie Simpson, Vice President, Projects & Chief Information Officer

Shelly Woods, Vice President, Human Resources