*2022 Updates Coming Soon*

Stewards registered with Recycle BC, MMSW, MMSM and Stewardship Ontario are required to submit reports on the WeRecycle Portal by May 31 for the packaging and paper supplied in each province. A range of resources is available below to assist and guide stewards in collecting and accurately reporting their packaging and paper data.

Steward feedback on resources is welcome and National Steward Services (NSS) is ready to help with any questions: stewards@cssalliance.ca or 1-888-980-9549.

Using the WeRecycle Portal

  • WeRecycle Portal – The Portal is a proven and secure reporting platform. New stewards need to register and be onboarded before submitting reports.
  • Portal Support – When logged in to the Portal, direct assistance from the NSS team is available via online chat. Click the “get info” icons to access relevant Guidebook information or use the Reporting Hub for guidance on collecting material data.
  • Portal User Guide – The Portal User Guide (PUG) provides detailed information for navigating the Portal’s more modern interface to submit your data and complete administrative tasks.

Rules, Policies & Forms

  • 2021 Rules & Policies – A Deduction and Exclusion Policy has been approved for 2021 and minor changes have been made to some existing policies. There have also been minor changes to the Rules for MMSM and Stewardship Ontario, and to the Membership Agreements for Recycle BC and MMSW.
  • Forms – All current forms are available at the following link: cssalliance.ca/currentpolicies. Most accept electronic signatures within the PDF.

Preparing Your Report

Ready to Report Webinars

Reporting webinars were held on February 24 and 25, 2021 — the first session for new reporters and the second for more experienced reporters.

Both webinars included Q&A sessions, and stewards were also invited to submit questions or suggested topics in advance to stewards@cssalliance.ca. This document has the questions and answers for both webinars: